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Greenhouse catalog
We are greenhouse factory and suppliers,supply overall design scheme and turnkey project. For erery customer custom order greenhouse
Greenhouse product
main product have film greenhouse,polycarbonate greenhouse,glass greenhouse,Glass Greenhouse,Polycarbonate Sheet Greenhouse,Gothic greenhouse,Plastic Film Greenhouse,Tunnel Greenhouse,Solar Greenhouse,Blackout Greenhouse
Our Greenhouse project
main greenhouse type have single greenhouse,multi greenhouse ,venlo greenhouse,polycarbonate greenhouse,pc greenhouse,tunnel greenhouse,china greenhouse,agricultural greenhouse,tomato greenhouse,cucumber green house,strawberry green house,fruit greenhouse,vegetable greenhouse,leafy green house,commercial greenhouse,indoor framing,China greenhouse equipment,commercial greenhouses, tropical greenhouses ,hydroponics greenhouses,flower greenhouses.
    Hydroponics system
    A frame vertical farming, coco peat bags growing, soilless culture,NFT for leafy greens,vertical farming, DWC hydroponic ,seedbed and EBB hydroponic,NFT and substrate hydroponics.ducth buckets,hydroponic design and consoult.